We know sometimes our waist beads can get too "tasty" and sell out fast. Luckily, we offer pre-orders at a promotional value to make up for limited inventory. 

Pre-orders take ~1-2 months to fulfill, but guarantee your preferred size and style of waist bead before our next shipment from Ghana lands.

Simply pick your preferred size (and quantity) then use "Add Order Note" in your shopping cart to list the styles you want. After making your purchase, you can expect 3 emails from us:

  1. An email confirming your order immediately after purchasing
  2. An email weeks/months later announcing the estimated arrival of our new shipment from Ghana
  3. An email letting you know your beads have arrived (!) and your pre-order has been fulfilled/shipped

A few notes:

  • If we find you've pre-ordered and we have your style and size in stock, we will notify you and immediately refund whatever you paid so you can purchase regularly. This also include attempts to pre-order 1-2 weeks before our expected restock date (will be announced on website).
  • Please pre-order only if you're sure. Our beaders in Ghana will be creating each line of waist beads by hand and we want to be respectful of their hard work. Still we understand life happens, so we'll issue you a full refund if you make a request within 14 days of your pre-order.
  • You're welcome to sign up for our back-in-stock notifications, but please note you'll be losing out on the discounted price that comes with pre-ordering.
  • Pre-ordered waist beads do not qualify for our discount codes since they already come at a promotional value.

WHITE: divinity, purity, innocence, peacefulness, celebration
GOLD/ORANGE/YELLOW: royalty, wealth, status, glory, preciousness, fertility, joyfulness
BLACK: respect, secrecy, nobility, maturity, loss, spiritual energy
BLUE: wisdom, love, prosperity, communion, humility, patience
PINK: femininity, gentleness, sweetness, finesse, thoughtfulness, serenity, charm
GREEN: harvest, growth, renewal, life, fertility, youth, birth, harmony, vitality 
RED: healing, passion, sacrifice, mother earth, spirituality, activism
SILVER: renewal, healing, cleansing, serenity, purity, contentment

*true to tradition, our color meanings mirror those of Ghanaian kente cloth versus chakra balancing

We know our waist beads can seem pricey, but please know that every order makes an impact and allows us to fulfill our mission to not only celebrate women, but uplift them as well. Here's how we do it:

    1. Ethical production. We pay our local staff in Ghana upfront and allow them set their own prices for their creations to enable wages above market standard.
    2. Empowerment Fund. We give away 10% of all sales (i.e. $2/line) to support women and girls across the African continent in living full and empowered lives.

Thank you for your support. Click to learn more about our social impact efforts.