My Journey: African Waist Beads for Weight Loss

A lot of women wear waist beads for weight loss. Our founder, Lisa, has her own story losing 22lbs in 2020, and thoughts/tips that may inform you on your own health journey.

Using Waist Beads to Facilitate Your Weight Loss Journey

  • I recommend buying 2 lines of beads to get started:
    • Anchor Beads: These are waist beads at your current size that are intended to be body positive, they will sit at your navel
    • Goal Beads: These are waist beads that are 1-2 sizes smaller than your current size. They serve as a constant/semi-uncomfortable reminder of your goals and to manifest your future self.
  • Remember, waist beads are great for more body positivity since you don't have to worry about pounds/kilos and you can focus on inches. The goal of this technique is to move your Anchor Beads down to your hips, and your Goal Beads down to your navel.

Tools I've Used

  • Book: Bright Line Eating (the science behind weight loss - includes shopping lists and rationale to avoid processed foods)
  • Book: When Food is Love (reexamine your relationship with food, especially if you're an emotional eater)
  • Smartwatch: FitBit (step counting optional; I use mine to track my weight loss trend)
  • App: Simple (if you're interested in intermittent fasting - this is great; I skipped breakfast to kick off my journey)
  • At Home Workouts: Gallon Water Bottles (free weights were sold out at the start of the pandemic, so this is a great alternative - has great grip)

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