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We receive many questions and comments about who is “allowed” to wear waist beads. As a Black-owned business selling an African product, many people understandably assume that the products we make are primarily for Black women and no one else.

Given our mission is to celebrate womanhood, we believe that women (as a collective) deserve to wrap and appreciate their bodies with something beautiful. This includes waist beads.

That said, as with any cultural item/practice, we also believe it’s crucial to understand, respect, and credit the original culture and context from which something is coming from. This is precisely why Culture is our first and core reason for wearing waist beads alongside Wellness, Love, & Beauty. 

Reasons for wearing beads

 We ultimately believe it’s important to remain inclusive in this area, and choose to include both those of the African diaspora and their allies when welcoming women to explore and wear our products. 

To all our non-Black friends around the world interested in waist beads, welcome! For you to be here and reading this shows you care, and we appreciate your admiration and consideration for our African roots/heritage. If still you have hesitations, we suggest honoring the cultural significance of waist beads by learning the history behind the practice from the various perspectives of the African diaspora and/or wearing your beads under clothing as Ghanaian women traditionally do. 

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African waist beads with clasp from Ghana || The Toffie Shop