Find your perfect fit for African waist beads
We understand the importance of a great fit. Our sizing chart was crafted with the fluidity of the female shape in mind. 

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Getting Started: We prioritize a seamless shopping experience for our customers, so all our waist beads are made true-to-size and match standardized clothes sizing. This means no need for a measuring tape (unless you want to). To find your size, simply pick the same size you usually would while shopping for clothing (e.g. jeans/dresses) online or in-store. 

Concerned about fit? You can expect our waist beads to land around your navel (i.e. belly button/womb area). We have found this to be the "sweet spot" where beads are comfortable for everyday wear, yet high enough to accentuate any figure. A common misconception around waist beads is that they are supposed to sit high on the torso. They are actually traditionally worn a bit lower to encourage everyday wear and body positivity. Swipe left on our product pages to see photos of our waist beads on a model.

Still unsure? Using your current clothing size as an anchor, you can expect going a size up will likely land at your waist and a size down at your hips. You can also create a "half size" by buying 2+ lines in different sizes and clasping the ends together to wrap around your body. 

Really need help? Please contact Lisa via email with any specific questions. Otherwise, our general advice is "lean loose" when choosing your size. Why? Our beading wire is non-elastic (for durability) and if your beads are too tight, they will pop under enough pressure; also, keep in mind the female body changes depending on where it is on the menstrual cycle.

Size out of stock? We offer pre-ordering for women interested in sold out items. As a courtesy for the wait (it takes a few months to ship from Ghana), all pre-orders are discounted at $15/line versus our usual $20/line.

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