DUH·MAH·LEE || from Uganda, meaning "beautiful vision"

Chromatic-colored waist beads blending green, purple, and blue for the iridescent girls who shimmer.



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The "secret" ingredients that make Toffie waist beads special. Meet the team.

WHITE: divinity, purity, innocence, hope, peacefulness, celebration, peace
GOLD/ORANGE/YELLOW: royalty, wealth, status, glory, preciousness, fertility, joyfulness, vitality
BLACK: respect, secrecy, nobility, maturity, loss, spiritual energy, elegance, power
BLUE: wisdom, love, unity, prosperity, communion, humility, patience, purity
PINK: femininity, gentleness, sweetness, finesse, virtue, thoughtfulness, serenity, charm
GREEN: harvest, growth, renewal, life, fertility, youth, birth, harmony, vitality 
RED: healing, passion, spirituality, sacrifice, mother earth, activism, power
SILVER: renewal, healing, cleansing, serenity, purity, contentment
PURPLE: healing, femininity, mother earth, rebirth, abundance, intuition

*true to tradition, our color meanings mirror those of Ghanaian kente cloth versus chakra balancing

We know our waist beads can seem pricey, but please know that every order makes an impact and allows us to fulfill our mission to not only celebrate women, but uplift them as well. Here's how we do it:

    1. Ethical production. We pay our local staff in Ghana upfront and allow them set their own prices for their creations to enable wages above market standard.
    2. Empowerment Fund. We give away 10% of all sales (i.e. $2/line) to support women and girls across the African continent in living full and empowered lives.

Thank you for your support. Click to learn more about our social impact efforts.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mae P.

These beads were beautiful. I especially loved the screw clasp. Unfortunately it didn’t work out too well for me due me getting a size 8. I wear an 8 pants size (US) so I thought it would fit but my waist is smaller so the beads fell to my hip. This worked for me for a few weeks until I used the restroom one day and popped them whilst pulling down my pants. Simply user error. I would recommend getting these and do plan to purchase some with the size correction.

TLDR: Loved this product; measure your waist before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Tabitha Thornhill

Didn’t have long and they broke. I sent an email and never heard anything back.

Ciara Ridley
I loved it! But it broke:(

It was so beautiful and I loved wearing it however i am a little big for it so it fit my upper waste and i pulled it off one day without unclasping and somehow it broke right at the clasp, it didn’t all break and fall everywhere though! It was my fault it broke as well, it is a very strong string. Very cute and stylish and helpful!