NAH·LAH || from Kenya, meaning "gift or success"

Golden yellow waist beads for the girls blessed with endless good fortune.

The "secret" ingredients that make Toffie waist beads special. Meet the team.

WHITE: divinity, purity, innocence, hope, peacefulness, celebration, peace
GOLD/ORANGE/YELLOW: royalty, wealth, status, glory, preciousness, fertility, joyfulness, vitality
BLACK: respect, secrecy, nobility, maturity, loss, spiritual energy, elegance, power
BLUE: wisdom, love, unity, prosperity, communion, humility, patience, purity
PINK: femininity, gentleness, sweetness, finesse, virtue, thoughtfulness, serenity, charm
GREEN: harvest, growth, renewal, life, fertility, youth, birth, harmony, vitality 
RED: healing, passion, spirituality, sacrifice, mother earth, activism, power
SILVER: renewal, healing, cleansing, serenity, purity, contentment
PURPLE: healing, femininity, mother earth, rebirth, abundance, intuition

*true to tradition, our color meanings mirror those of Ghanaian kente cloth versus chakra balancing

We know our waist beads can seem pricey, but please know that every order makes an impact and allows us to fulfill our mission to not only celebrate women, but uplift them as well. Here's how we do it:

    1. Ethical production. We pay our local staff in Ghana upfront and allow them set their own prices for their creations to enable wages above market standard.
    2. Empowerment Fund. We give away 10% of all sales (i.e. $2/line) to support women and girls across the African continent in living full and empowered lives.

Thank you for your support. Click to learn more about our social impact efforts.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexa G.

such a beautiful piece and can be worn for many different occasions


Beautiful and looks so cute on


Beautiful as always fit is great, this will make # 5.

Camille Sanders
Didn't really get to use them

I was very impressed with the customer service and fast shipping. Great turnaround, even during the pandemic, but I can only give a three-star review, as I didn't get to use the product. The beads were too long for my waist and had metal clasps on the end, so I couldn't adjust them. When I tried to cut the clasps off and adjust them, the beads came off the strand and the whole product was rendered useless. If there is a way for people to tie and cut the strings to fit, that would be a better option (imo) than the clasps. So disappointed I didn't get to use the product.

Rashanda Payne
Pre- order 1st

They say good things come to those who wait. It took a little over a month to get my beads, however it was well worth the wait. They fit perfectly and look great. The owner was in communication with me and very kind and apologetic for the delay which also made the wait worth it. I will most definitely be ordering again when these become too big! 😉